I’m on my knees.

No, not in a sexy way.

I laugh at the absurdity of giving head to the officer in front of me

He apologized for the gun

“You never know who you’ll find,” he says

“I didn’t mean to scare,” he says


“You look like a good kid,” he says

Good kid. I looked like a good kid.


I smile.

I win the genetic lottery.

White child, born of brown

American child, born of Arab

I look like a good kid.


My ancestors never built this country

I pledge allegiance to strangers

Forgive me, Founding Fathers

For I have sinned


At least, that’s what the cop will say when he finds my stash


But I’ve always wanted to come back to America

Freedom, liberty, equality, justice

All these things I searched for . . .

And found

Here, in America

I’m safe and sound

Because I look like a good kid


But I look around

Children of those who built this country

Where is justice now?

Those whose ancestors’ backs were broken harvesting hemp

Whose children now sit in decades in prison for the same fucking plant


I don’t understand

He hasn’t called this in


I’m still on my knees while the cop rummages through my bag


I don’t understand this.

When confederate flags are pride and history

But Beyonce raising her fist is race baiting and divisive


I don’t understand

But I don’t even have to

Because I look like a good kid


I think of the unfairness, I want to tell him off

But it’s okay, it’s not my fight

Because I look like a good kid


The battle lines are drawn by those in charge

But battle lines in my favor

Accidentally in my favor

But Always in my favor.

“Be careful,” he says. “Get home okay”

“Do you need a ride?”

In my lungs, too much carbon dioxide.

What just happened?


“Sir?” I ask. I don’t know.

He takes my heavy bag of dro

“Go home,” he says.

“you should be studying. You’re not the type that does this”

“Yes sir,” I mumble.


“Don’t look so sad,” the cop says, expecting an award.

“There’ll be nothing on your record.”


I had nothing to do with any of this

Yet, I exhale as he lets me off with a warning

Because to him, I am a good kid