What I will tell you is what I told the cops after they caught me trespassing with two g’s of bud

White? Why not? I’m not here to represent.

Memphis-born, sure. Southern accent? I can invent.

Never thought my skin colour mattered to this extent


What I will tell you is what I tell “patriots” every time something comes up on the goddamn news

Go back where? I’m American, I was born here

No, this is just a scarf, I’m not wearing “religious headgear”

I cried when the Twin Towers came down, so no, I didn’t cheer


What I will tell you is what I tell the morality police in a land that should feel like home

That girl? I didn’t look, her back pocket has a snag

Officer, I’m engaged, and I promise I’m not a fag

I’ll throw away the bracelet, I don’t even want that rainbow flag


What I will tell you depends on why you ask

There’s not much under here, so pick a part, and I’ll put on my mask