TOTUS on Tour

I propose that TOTUS goes on tour around campus in the dorms to bring TOTUS to the on-campus resident community.

What I am thinking is having a weekly, monthly, or even semesterly TOTUS poetry workshop and open mic at different residence halls around campus. There would be snacks provided in the trimmed-down version, and pizza in the more expensive version. Either way, we would have a poetry workshop similar to how we do it at TOTUS, except I believe the event should be closer to around an hour (or an hour and a half, depending on how many people show up).

We would need a venue, and the lounges in residence halls can provide that for us. RAs host many events there, and we can have a host from TOTUS lead the event. The host can, if they choose, introduce a theme (especially if it fits into a wider discussion) and then have a guided workshop with poetry writing, followed by some time for the participants to write their own poem to perform. In the last part of the event, participants can perform their poem and get some quick feedback if time allows.


Things to consider:

We would need cooperation with the RAs in the buildings, but we can use the fact that RAs are required to hold at least two events per month on their floors. Between that requirement, and the plethora of RAs in the residence halls, this aspect should not be a problem.

This type of event will only reach students who live in the residence halls. This in and of itself is not an issue, but we must know our target audience, and have a sister program to reach off-campus and commuter students.

Rotating around at different residence halls might help keeping the event fresh and getting more and more people interested. This would also allow for the TOTUS message to reach more students, as opposed to having an open mic at the same place every once in a while. It might also get more students interested in joining the class if they enjoy the workshop.

Usually in traditional residence halls, an event can attract around 20-30 participants.

Food many entice people to come by but does not ensure they will stay for the while event. Regardless, I think even if a few stay and have a productive and fun time, it will be worth it, especially if some decide to take the class the following semester.

I would consider these events a success if we have interested individuals who enjoy themselves, make a poem, and form a sort of community in that space they create. Repeat participants would be even better, and the best result would be people signing up for the TOTUS class the following semester and coming out to TOTUS events.

Approximate costs:

Semester cost (weekly) Semester cost (monthly) Semester cost (once)
With basic snacks $120 $30 $10
With pizza $480 $120 $40