The night is crowned

An Olympian feast

Of color and sound

Now unleash the beast


One hit; I am blind

It’s what keeps me alive

My body and mind

Need this to survive


More than the usual

Bit of this; bit of that

It’s all so beautiful

Gets me back on track


Inhale, then exhale

And repeat, and again

True nature unveiled

So this is my zen


The world rushes on

It seeps through my veins

Quiet, withdrawn

It kills all the pain


And now – disengage

I can hardly breathe

I feel like I’m caged

Yet incredibly free


Dull, but in focus

The world seems to be

Alive, but soulless

I soon reach my peak


But my mind disbands

I’m spiraling lower

It’s not how I planned

My senses are slower


This is my life:

A realization so strong

Like a cut from a knife

Where did I go wrong?


Relief – I feel colder

It all fades to black

My haze has gone over

Sobriety came back


“Just take a few hits,”

Is what everyone said

But this, I admit

Won’t help me when I’m dead.