Colors in the wind

Forgive me, Founding Fathers

For I have sinned



Pledge your allegiance

To this land of abundance


Or pollute

Your homeland with ideas

Toxicity masquerades as freedom


Or stay mute

And question nothing

Ignore the aching

Because we are all hedging

Our bets on America


Rockets’ red glare

not in America, but way over there

Bombs bursting in air

But they’re not like us, don’t despair


Red for the blood of the shot “young African-American males”

White for the picket fences to shut out others

Blue for B. B. King and Bessie Smith, pushers of the “devil’s music”


Love the sinner and love the sin

Why is everything “just how it is”?


It doesn’t matter, because I love my flag

Of the red, white and blue

To my flag and my country

I’ll always be true